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Thurs 9-Sun 12 May 2019


Emerging Designer-Makers

  • Living Crafts - Emerging Designers - Beatrice Wall
  • Living Crafts - Emerging Designers - Cassidie Alder
  • Living Crafts - Emerging Designers - Hilary Coole
  • Living Crafts - Emerging Designers - Jen Ricketts
  • Living Crafts - Emerging Designers - Judy McKenzie
  • Living Crafts - Emerging Designers - Laurence Brand
  • Living Crafts - Emerging Designers - Loucinda Nims
  • Living Crafts - Emerging Designers - Louise Hall
  • Living Crafts - Emerging Designers - Rhian Malin
  • Living Crafts - Emerging Designers - Richard Warmisham
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In 2012, Living Crafts introduced a new feature to encourage fresh, original work from recently qualified Designer Makers. The Emerging Designer-Makers Pavilion was a great success, containing specially selected applicants who were able to exhibit free of charge. We are delighted that Craft&Design Online, widely regarded as the voice of the UK craft industry, will once again support the scheme in 2018 and will be featuring the Pavilion in forthcoming articles. Approximately 10 places are available to feature work in a variety of materials including ceramics, glass, textiles, metal, wood and mixed media.

To be eligible to enter:

  • You must have completed training or gained a qualification in your chosen field of expertise since May 2015.
  • Your product must be designed and made by yourself.
  • Your product must have originality and be authentic.

If you are interested in applying for a sponsored space in the pavilion at the four day show Living Crafts, at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire from Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th May 2018 inclusive, please complete the details below and you will automatically be sent further information with a link to an Application Form.

Please note that all information is for internal use only and will not be passed on to any third party. Personal data supplied is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.

A few comments from successful applicants from recent shows

“The Emerging-Designer Makers marquee is such a great way for new designers like myself to learn about their target market and how to organise for a show, without a huge outlay to worry about when first starting out. I received some great feedback and can now put the money I generated back into developing my business.”
Stacey West – Jeweller
“It was very inspiring to be with such talented designers from all over the UK and with such diverse talents and skills. It was good to swop experiences and advice with them and also get a lot of support from experienced craftspeople who specifically came into the marquee to talk to us. I would definitely recommend it to other emerging designers”
Sarah Moroney – Textile Artist
“The opportunity to take part in a show of this magnitude was immensely helpful in the growth of my business. And the ability to do so without the stress of a financial commitment gave me the freedom to experiment with displays, study a wide variety of other exhibiting styles and have many rewarding and useful conversations with both customers and other vendors.”
Toben Lewis – Bookbinder
“The weekend was a great experience, it helped me consider how to present my work in a selling show and how to talk to the public about it. Meeting other artists and makers was really positive, the whole experience gave me a real boost and I was delighted to sell so much of my work!”
Alice Heaton – Glass Designer
2016 Emerging Designer-Makers
2016 Emerging Designer-Makers