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Which crafts are on trend in 2024?

There are plenty of opinions on what to look out for, what’s new and what’s on trend. One thing is certain, the level of interest in craft continues to grow as people recognise the many benefits of taking up a hands-on creative skill.

Competitive craft TV programmes have led to growing awareness of the different disciplines in craft and encouraged us all to try something new. But contemporary craft is rooted in ancient traditions and skills passed down through generations, so remember ‘trend’ doesn’t mean new, it means popular – here are five crafts we think are currently on trend:


The Great Pottery Throwdown has led to an upsurge of interest in all things clay related and, hopefully, an appreciation of the years it takes to master the many different techniques, tools and materials. Working with clay is a labour of love and an emotional investment of self.

Sculpt a hare


In all its forms and at any age, art enables us to express our creativity freely and authentically. Easily accessible to everyone, we can start with just pencil, paper and our imagination.

Watercolour painting


From simple silver bangles to high-end bejewelled statement pieces, we can all express ourselves through the art of jewellery. Contemporary or timeless, there are many different styles, designs, materials and techniques.

Silver pendant


Wood is possibly the most tactile material to handle and its natural beauty enhances finished work. From intricate marquetry to greenwood working, it can be exquisitely decorative and highly practical.

Spoon carving 2


Part of the broader discipline of textiles, needle felting is growing in popularity because it doesn’t require much to get started and achieve success. Some wool and felting needles are all it takes. It’s simple, therapeutic, versatile and you can create amazing 3D sculptures.

Intl Feltmakers Assoc

You can see these and many other crafts at Living Crafts, where you can watch demonstrations and have-a-go. It's an amazing opportunity to experiment with craft and to learn from talented artisans who have practised their skills over many years. There will be dozens of workshops to choose from, more than 200 master craftspeople to talk to and local craft organisations where you can find your happy amongst like-minded people.