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The Therapeutic Power of Clay by Sarah Core

Mindfulness clay by sarah core 01

In today’s fast-paced digital world, finding moments of tranquility and connection can feel like a challenge. Amidst the constant buzz of notifications and the allure of screens, it’s key that we can carve out spaces for relaxation, mindfulness and creative expression. My approach to clay is brilliantly placed to answer this need, because working with this precious natural material can be a powerful tool for enhancing health and wellbeing.

Digital Detox: Finding Solace in the Earth

Spending time away from screens can lead to reduced stress levels, improved mood, and enhanced cognitive function. Engaging in pottery or sculpting allows us to disconnect from the digital noise and reconnect with the earthy elements.

Making with clay offers a fulfilling alternative to scrolling through endless feeds, inviting us to immerse ourselves fully in the physical world and engage our senses in a meaningful way.

Mindfulness Clay Workshop Impression Platter SMALL

Social Connection: Building Community Through Creativity

Clay presents unique opportunities for social interaction and community building. Experiencing a group wheel throwing or hand building workshop with friends or loved ones allows you to take time out and spend quality time together in what might otherwise be a busy and distracting life.

Joining a group of like-minded individuals in one of my special mindfulness clay workshop means working in a calming atmosphere. Building with clay can take on a new dimension, allowing for new and subtle connections that can foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie, as well as taking away a tangible achievement in the form of your treasured ceramic creation.

Creating Calm with clay coils SMALL

Hands-On Engagement: Nurturing Creativity and Mindfulness

There’s something inherently satisfying about shaping and moulding clay with our hands. The process requires us to slow down, focus our attention, becoming more and more aware of the sensations and textures of the clay in our hands. We become closer and closer to the material and the form as it develops before us. This is a form of mindful meditation.

Demonstrration coiling

Embracing Slow Living: Cultivating Patience and Appreciation

There is a saying in pottery, ‘we centre the clay but the clay centres us’. In a culture that values speed and perfection, working with the amazing plasticity that clay offers, provides a refreshing antidote to the hustle and bustle of modern life. The slow, deliberate pace of pottery allows us to embrace the beauty of imperfection and savour the journey of creation.

I aim to offer a holistic approach to enhancing health and wellbeing in today’s digital age. Working with clay can be a transformative practice that enriches our lives in uncomplicated ways.

Mindfulness Clay Workshop Body Mug SMALL

Sarah has been enhancing health and wellbeing through mindfulness clay for over 10 years and is a meditation teacher as well as expert pottery teacher. She has also appeared on BBC One’s Sunday Morning Live, explaining the benefits of working with clay therapeutically, and guiding the presenters and crew through her approach to making a piece of pottery. We were delighted that Sarah was able to join us again at Living Crafts in 2024.

If you missed the opportunity to work with Sarah at Living Crafts you can book a workshop at her art studio in the idyllic countryside setting of the the Aldenham Estate at Home Farm, a short drive from Elstree, Radlett, Pinner and Watford in Hertfordshire.

Find out more about Sarah's Art Studio here