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The Living Crafts experience comes to the Cotswolds!

For decades, the Living Crafts event has been thrilling visitors at Hatfield House, and more recently the hugely popular Blenheim Palace Christmas event. This year, craft-lovers will be delighted to learn that the iconic event is coming to the Cotswolds for the very first time.

The 29th until 31st May 2021, is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the UK’s best-loved British craft experience at the stunning Cirencester Park.

Both of my parents had a passion for handmade British craft and in 1974, organised their first show to support and promote local craftsmen and women. I have been involved in the shows since I was a child and share their passion and love for beautiful handmade British creations.

Now, in 2021, what better place to host an event than in the heart of the Cotswolds where people have a genuine desire for high-quality handmade products not found on the high street? And to continue our tradition of promoting the very best local craftspeople, we are featuring a ‘Crafts in the Cotswolds’ pavilion. Here, local art and craft organisations will be showcasing their work to an appreciative audience and highlighting the best of the Cotswolds craft scene.

Robin Younger, Living Crafts

What you’ll experience

Carefully chosen exhibitors have been invited to share their personal stories and show you how their products are transformed from raw material to the incredible pieces you’ll see on the day. And of course, you’ll have the opportunity to buy gifts for yourself and your home and garden. Each with a treasured memory of the maker and a unique insight into its making.

There will be exciting demonstrations such as the age-old tradition of glassblowing. And the chance to meet the new generation of talented British designers and their unique hand-crafted creations. Plus, workshops which allow you to get hands-on yourself with everything from chocolate making and willow weaving to stone carving and raku firing.

You can’t avoid the dedication, passion and enthusiasm of everyone you’ll meet on the day. The excitement at the show is contagious! The whole family will enjoy an uplifting and positive experience and leave with a renewed appreciation and inspiration for craft skills.

On top of the shopping and learning experiences on offer you can take your pick from the wonderful street vendors who will be creating irresistible artisan food and drink for you on the day. Or why not take afternoon tea and enjoy the splendour of Lord and Lady Bathurst’s 3,000 acre parkland? And of course, there will be music to accompany the jubilation.