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Recapture your Inner Creative Child by Meiru Ludlow

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As children we all enjoyed creating art as paintings or drawings. It was fun and supercharged our imaginations and helped us to express what was important and to find context for what appeared to be abstract concepts. It was a key part of our early years education, used to support learning across the curriculum and we were all able to create freely. We didn't complain that we couldn't draw or paint!

As we progressed to secondary school drawing and painting became confined to formal art classes and somehow the fun and enjoyment was lost, along with that creative buzz. Yet creativity is part of our natural development.

ML working on new designs

According to Sheila Pinion (Bupa UK), It can boost our mental and emotional health, reduces stress, feelings of loneliness and generally improves our mood. She goes on to say that, "whether it's drawing, singing, playing music, writing, baking, dancing or gardening, having a creative outlet can work wonders for your mind."

ML teaching

As a teacher I often try to unlock my students' inner creative child, the one that loved and enjoyed creating art. I hope to nurture creativity rather than focussing on technique and rediscover the creative buzz that will keep people painting.

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I believe everyone can paint and draw, especially if you let go of the idea that you can't and accept whatever you create as part of the learning process. Simply lose yourself in your creativity, worry less and painting will become more absorbing and meditative.

Painting in watercolour is an easy creative pastime, it can be practised at home requiring little space and a few materials.

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If you would like to have a go, join Meiru in one of her watercolour painting workshops, suitable for all abilities.